Spatial Spotlight II

Altro Mondo Arte Contemporanea is proud to present SPATIAL SPOTLIGHT II, a group exhibition featuring the works of Rosscapili, Nestor Vinluan, J Consunji, Kenneth Montegrande, Jay Ragma, Niccolo Jose, Jacob Lindo, Lee Caces, Poch Naval, Fitz Herrera, Pablo Biglang-awa, Sal Ponce Enrile, Red Mansueto, Niño Hernandez, Gary Custodio, Rico Lascano, Beatrix Syjuco, Allain Hablo, Richard Buxani, Joel Reglos, and Marlon Magbanua at the Altro Mondo Creative gallery.

Revisiting the Transformative Power of Art

Words by Kinah Praise R. Baguan; photos courtesy of Modeka Creative Space These strange years made us realize that pandemic had no geographical borders and cultural divide. It changes our perspective about life and death, radically disrupts the structure and cohesion of societies without warning, and somehow alters the way humans interact among themselves and…