ViewFinder, A Travel Photography Exhibit, on view at Qube Contemporary

Six Cebuano travel photographers (Ceasar Azanza, Chip Farrarons, Dondi Joseph, Harley Yunam, Harold Ong and Mike Jo) lend us a peek into their viewfinders, transporting us through and into their journeys across continents. Spanning the archives of their pre-pandemic to more recent travels, the collection exposes 25 climactic images, shot in digital and film, conveying concepts of interconnectedness, culture, and ephemerality.

Imaginaton, Composition, and Formation: Exhibits in October 2022

To imagine what one needs to paint on the canvas, to choose the elements to be included in a photograph, and to use the hands’ warmth in forming sculptures are acts of baring one’s soul. To create is to make the self vulnerable. To meditate on this age’s disorientation and confusion is an act of self-healing as much as a commentary. To give one’s two cents is an act of bravery. To see in a specific angle and to mold something are forms of art.