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In the heart of Paris, at the Musée des Arts et Métiers, was held on June 9th, the opening of the Collection “Sublimer les Imperfections”. The event proposed by the Association Les Métamorfoses and the Maison Longchamp, highlights the artistic upcycling. Twelve internationally renowned artists have taken up the challenge by proposing creations made from unused scraps of material made available by some twenty French manufacturers.

Under the aura of the Musée des Arts et Métiers, this artistic event presents the work of twelve artists from around the world. Art craftsmen, jewelry artists, painters, interior architects and passionate designers took part in the project initiated by Les Métamorfoses: recovering, manipulating and transforming to create an object from material scraps provided by prestigious French Maisons. This project of valorization highlights the artistic upcycling.

This ambition to reuse abandoned materials such as fabrics, leathers, glasses or even waste such as plastic is led by Valérie Accary and Sandrine Couroyer, founders of Les Métamorfoses. This first collection sublimates the imperfection of materials that are no longer considered useful through an artistic work that revolves around two main messages: the protection of the environment and the valorization of imperfection.

Sandrine Couroyer and Valerie Accary

These committed values are shared by the Maison Longchamp, which supports this collective, audacious project, the goal of which is a Charity project. The Métamorfoses have chosen to donate all profits made in 2022 to “Les Amis d’Arthur”, an association working for the quality of care and life of autistic adults.

Jean Cassegrain, Sophie Delafontaine, Constance Guisset, Paul Macheret
Sophie Delafontaine, Paul Macheret, Constance Guisset

The Longchamp Metamorfoses Prize was led by Sophie Delafontaine, Artistic Director of Longchamp, who represented the Jury composed of Sheila Hicks, Artist, René-Jacques Mayer, Director of the Camondo School and Axelle Givaudan, Secretary General of Artcurial. The prize was awarded to the talented duo formed by Constance Guisset, renowned designer, and Paul Macheret, head of the Macheret Art Foundry, for the sculpture named “Alba”, created from alabaster scraps and leftover brass tubes. This artwork, both light in its balance and impressive in its beauty and sobriety, is a perfect example of the collaboration between the artist and the craftsman, the former’s creation being based on the latter’s know-how.

Jury: Valerie Accary, Sophie Delafontaine, Sandrine Couroyer, Rene Jacques Meyer

The collection “Sublimer les Imperfections” was open to the public until Sunday, June 12, 2022, at the Musée des Arts et Métiers, 60 rue Réaumur, Paris.

For more information, just visit https://lesmetamorfoses.com/

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