Petite Format

To show us the joys that printmaking brings, Art Lounge Manila and Association of Pinoyprintmakers have collaborated to present “Petite Format.” This exhibition features works from Marz Aglipay, Melai Arguzon, Psalm Astejada, Pandy Aviado, Diana Aviado, Luigi Azura, Benjamin Torrado Cabrera, Kristen Cain, Salvador Ching, Joey Cobcobo, Fil Delacruz, Janos Delacruz, Noel El Farol, Tish Hautea, Angelo Magno, Gabi Nazareno, Jone Sibugan, Suchin Teoh, Carmel Torres Lim, Anton Villaruel.

Nordic Sky Worlds

Norse myths and legends come to vivid life in Jomike Tejido’s 16th Solo exhibition aptly entitled Nordic Sky Worlds. In this exhibition the artist lets his imagination take flight, as we are swept into the worlds of Norse gods and goddesses, of great battles, and vast otherworldly landscapes. The whole exhibition is tied together by a masterfully crafted panoramic chronicle of the Nordic gods and the worlds they inhabit.

Ang Ating Mga Kayamanan sa Bakuran (Our Treasures in the Yard)

27 June 2022, Philippines – Potentials and possibilities of/in our dwellings in current times, characterized by isolation and limitations on mobility and modality, remain mesial to the idea behind Ang Ating Mga Kayamanan sa Bakuran. These are viewed as interconnected with notions and practices of care, perhaps tending to life forms; patience and resourcefulness; and…

The peculiar beauty of Piccinini’s hyperreal sculptures at ArtScience Museum, Singapore

Discover the evocative human-animal carved creatures in “Patricia Piccinini: We Are Connected” Text by Caryl Mae Soler. Images courtesy of the Artist, Hillary Walker, QAGOMA, and the Institute for Cultural Exchange. When art and science collide, even the sky will not be a sanctuary for its limitations in unfolding the uncertainties of reality and heralding…

Fabled Veracity of Otras Realidades: 1st Solo Mixed Exhibition by Señor Javier Galván

A glimpse of multi-realities – illustrating the traditional and digital media by Señor Galván Text by Caryl Mae Soler. Images courtesy of Franchesca Lesaca. Nothing will ever beat the sense of realness that embodied the distortion of latent discoveries between the different realms of realities, embraced by the influence of comfort or in madness among…