Perception, Reception, Deception: Exhibitions in September 2022

What creates great art is the artist’s successful experimentation of the form. Content is delivered across the audience when the artist uses the correct form. The “how” and the “what” they want to convey are affected by the artist’s translation from their idea into a work of art. What the artists in this list have in common is their continuous exploration of the form to present, to argue, to provoke ideas in a different light.

“Analog Childhood” by Toym Imao on view at Art Lounge Manila – Podium

Analog Childhood,” Toym Imao’s third solo exhibition at Art Lounge Manila. Comprising of over forty tabletop sculptures and paintings, Toym’s works are inspired by his childhood recollection of censorship by an authoritarian regime when his favorite Super Robot cartoons – Voltes V, Daimos, and Mazinger Z among them – as well as video arcades, were cancelled for their alleged bad effects on the minds of the youth.