Ang Ating Mga Kayamanan sa Bakuran (Our Treasures in the Yard)

27 June 2022, Philippines – Potentials and possibilities of/in our dwellings in current times, characterized by isolation and limitations on mobility and modality, remain mesial to the idea behind Ang Ating Mga Kayamanan sa Bakuran. These are viewed as interconnected with notions and practices of care, perhaps tending to life forms; patience and resourcefulness; and…


In the heart of Paris, at the Musée des Arts et Métiers, was held on June 9th, the opening of the Collection “Sublimer les Imperfections”. The event proposed by the Association Les Métamorfoses and the Maison Longchamp, highlights the artistic upcycling. Twelve internationally renowned artists have taken up the challenge by proposing creations made from unused scraps of material made available by some twenty French manufacturers.