“Garden In The Sky” by Herbert Pajarito on view at Art Lounge Manila: Podium

Herbert Pajarito is known for his meticulously hand-drawn pen and ink works, as well as his lavishly detailed acrylic on canvas paintings. This is consistently evident in “Garden in the Sky”, his seventh solo exhibition at Art Lounge Manila. In this exhibit, viewers are treated to a panoply of works inspired by a lucid dream of the artist, one where he visits a paradise of peace and tranquility replete with flowers, all manner of fantastical plants, and amazing animals, hidden somewhere in the vastness of space.

Anna Orlina: Innovating the Orlina Legacy

The Orlinas are a mainstay in the Philippine cultural landscape: when you hear the family name, Ramon Orlina’s lifetime of glass sculpture artistry would likely come to mind– pioneering and perfecting his signature method of cutting, grinding, and polishing glass cullets. But what makes a legacy is the way that they persist across generations. The Orlina line of excellence doesn’t just continue; it continues to evolve and innovate with Anna Orlina.

IBONG NAPAPARAM | Louis Guillaume

Ibong Napaparam Louis Guillaume 15 October – 5 November 2022 Altro Mondo Arte Contemporanea is proud to present IBONG NAPAPARAM, a solo exhibition featuring an installation by LOUIS GUILLAUME at the Altro Mondo Creative Space (1159 Chino Roces Ave. San Antonio Village, Makati City). Louis Guillaume is the French laureate for this year’s Alliance Française…

Wilwayco’s Wave Cadenza Runs at Galerie Joaquin Rockwell from October 11-22

In Wave Cadenza, Wilwayco achieves the visual physicality of Mozart’s grand and luscious musical theatrics, flourishes, and diversity of sound architecture: the wavelike movements, layering of curves, counter-curves, dissymmetry, and repetition of high and low expressions; and, as is natural for Wilwayco – the strong play of bold, vibrant, and powerful color arrangements to deliver profound emotive viewer satisfaction.